Mission -  To simplify the life of hoteliers

Vision -  To be the #1 Technology company, powering hotels across the world

Values -   I2.R.O.C.K.


    • We believe in utmost honesty when it comes to work, clients and deliverables
    • We are ok to admit mistakes instead of hiding the truth


    • Monotony is not OUR thing! We keep our creative buzz ON all the time for everything
    • We believe in continuous improvement in everything that we do
    • Each of Our products reflect breakthrough ideas and innovation
    • We surprise our clients with our innovative ideas to ease their function


    • We believe that everyone that we work with is worth the respect, despite difference in opinions and levels in the hierarchy
    • We respect the work of other colleagues and understand the value they add to work
    • We respect the time commitment of self and others


    • For every challenge we face, we think about a solution instead of complaints and giving up on people or systems
    • Our word of commitment means a world to us
    • When things go wrong, we take accountability and immediately plan out how we can avoid it in future
    • We take initiatives to work on ideas that improve our solutions and help our business grow


    • We deeply empathize with our customers
    • We don’t believe in binding our customers with contracts, instead we believe in binding them with our commitment and quality
    • Every idea that we invest in, every hour that we spend at work, we think about how we can make the products and services better for our customers!


    • We support each other and share information without any hesitation
    • We figure out the win-win solution in times of functional conflicts
    • We collaborate relentlessly and help each other to win and achieve goals