Monthly Archives - June 2016

Phone Calls Still Drive Significant Bookings for Hotels

At Simplotel, we have worked with hotels for 3+ years now. We have learned a lot about the behavior of consumers online and about the importance of the phone channel in direct hotel bookings. Since we began our journey we have transformed the e-commerce capabilities of thousands of independent hotels. We found that as we grow the traffic for hotels, their phone calls also grow. To learn more about what is happening on the phone channel, we took calls for [...]


Driving Direct Online Bookings with Deposit Policies

In working with thousands of hotels, we have found interesting ways in which hotels can increase their website bookings. It turns out that the amount of payment a hotel collects at the time of booking also plays an important role in driving bookings on the website. There are several deposit options that hotels use, these include: Pay 100% at the time of booking Pay a percentage between 0-100% at the time of booking Pay at hotel but provide a [...]


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