Monthly Archives - December 2016

Hotel Website Visitors Prefer Videos Over Reading Content

Guests look for quick and easy ways to get information on hotels while making travel plans. According to a recent research, almost 51% leisure travellers and 68% of business travellers find hotel videos helpful in selecting a hotel and booking online. From a sales perspective, these are significant numbers for hotels and resorts.   The Naini Retreat | Holiday Resorts & Cottages | The Eternal Wave Goa So, what makes videos important for your hotel website? Today, when most hotel services are standardised, you need something [...]


Use Nearby Events to Increase Your Hotel’s Online Sales

Events are a huge opportunity for hoteliers to attract more customers, and they also act as a source of new information to put up on your hotel website. As search engines are now giving preference to websites with fresh and updated content the information in turn brings increased traffic for your website, hence, more revenue. Here we are listing a number of ways you can use events organized nearby your hotel (or in your city/locality) to boost online sales: – Offer [...]


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