Monthly Archives - July 2017

Are these email marketing mistakes costing you bookings?

We’re great fans of email marketing as a platform for getting leads for hotels. It’s cost effective, offers great ROI, and can be used to promote your hotel’s website – improving its visibility. It’s also a great way to stay in touch with the past, present and future guests. But we also see some hoteliers making a lot of mistakes in their strategy, thus greatly limiting their number of potential guests. We’ve listed some of these errors below in detail. [...]


How can website blogs infuse life to your SEO?

One thing that’s extremely attractive to both website visitors and search engines alike is relevant blog posts. Fresh blogs will help you rank better in organic results, while informative content will help build loyalty among visitors and encourage them to book with you. When travelers search for information related to your location, Google will give preference to results that it deems helpful and relevant. The key takeaway here is that the blog should be relevant to your guests’ needs rather [...]


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