Monthly Archives - May 2021

Hotels should think like OTAs to boost website conversions

Have you noticed how seamless the customer experience is on an online travel agency (OTA) website? You can’t really tell where the browsing ends and the booking begins. So how do OTAs create a seamless experience? For a hotel, guests decide on rooms and amenities through the website. But, to view prices and make payments, they are taken to the booking engine, which in most cases, is on a separate domain and looks different from the brand website. The customer [...]


Website & Booking Engine Load Time: The Only Silver Bullet in Hotel E-Commerce!

Today, nearly 80% of hotel bookings occur online, either through the brand website or through online travel agencies (OTAs). Hotels need a cutting-edge, but user-friendly website design to convert visitors into customers. However, what’s the point if you can lead customers to your doorstep, but you can’t get them in. This is where load time assumes paramount importance. Your hotel’s site failing to appeal to the travelling desires of your patrons is the last thing you want for your [...]


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