Monthly Archives - June 2021

Why a website is an asset for your hotel!

Did you know that your hotel website could be a storefront to sell direct bookings? First, today 80% of guests decide online about where they want to stay. According to a Google study, a hotel’s website and pricing are the most important criteria for guests to make reservations. Customers form an opinion of hotels from their websites even before they visit it. Therefore, hotels cannot think of their websites as static brochures. They are dynamic marketing tools that need to [...]


Why do hotels have a Chinese wall between their website and booking engine?

What is a Chinese Wall? A Chinese wall is a virtual barrier obstructing the smooth flow of information between two functions, in our instance, the website and the booking engine. This is because both are built in silos and with different technologies. The issue: When customers want to book a room, they first browse through the hotel website. They then need to navigate to the booking engine to view prices and confirm their booking. This is where the problem lies: the booking [...]


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