6 Must Use Content Types for your Hotel Website

6 Must Use Content Types for your Hotel Website

Have you ever been hooked on to a book which tempted you to keep reading one more page, before you found yourself finishing the entire book in one go?

It’s a result of a master story-telling technique.

Most of the times, before being your customer, a prospect go through the early stages of buyer’s journey – exploring and comparing.

This is where engaging content will come in handy for your hotel website. It’s not about how you portray yourself, but about how well you educate your customers about your services.

The importance of creating engaging content for a website is no longer unknown to marketers and hoteliers. Yet planning a complete content strategy is not simple.

While the ‘About Us’ page is extremely important, website content is not limited to it. There is a lot more to it. Here are some important content properties:

Promote your location

Around 73% of the business travelers consider hotel location to be the most important factor of the consideration and selection process.

So, there is nothing wrong in showing off if you’re based out in a great location. In fact, it can do wonders for your bookings!

But, with so many websites using tantalizing featured images and colossal promotional deals, it becomes a task to make your customers believe they’ll be bathed in luxury as soon as they step in your lobby.

Checking your website to see if it has all authentic and believable featured images can be your first task.

Nearby Events

Why miss out on an opportunity to attract visitors when you can master it?

Today, where people eagerly follow upcoming events, keeping track and promoting them on your website as well as on social media is a necessary practice to reach out to your potentials guests.

Also, it adds up to your content list and online sales.

See how hoteliers Use Nearby Events to Increase Hotel’s Online Sales here.


93% of the people use online reviews to determine which hotel they want to book with, whereas 53% of people would not book a hotel that doesn’t have any online reviews.


Understanding why is no rocket science. Reviews, being a form of social proof, motivate consumers to take an action further. Also, it helps you understand your customers in terms of their expectations and feelings about your property.


While going through the early stages of the buyer’s journey, prospects look for some useful information to help them understand the services well and make a purchase.

Blog posts aid in that, and are also the best tools to generate organic traffic and gain trust.

But with a bounce rate higher than 43% (healthy number in the hotel industry), blogs can also be a downright overwhelming experience.

Thus it is something which needs constant analysis and monitoring to creating trending and topical posts.


Your hunt for traffic doesn’t end with an attractive website.

Let’s face it – over 80% visitors are value-seeking customers, self-described as ‘promotion sensitive’.


Did you know that high-resolution pictures on your website account for more than 60% of the role played in the guest’s decision making process?

If that’s the case then imagine how delightful it would be to see your visitors lost in your website’s Photo Gallery, when you are working day in and day out to drive traffic.

Prospects are inevitably more likely to engage with what’s in the store for them, than what features you may have to offer.

A flexible Content Management System (CMS) can help you achieve all of the above. Simplotel offers such CMS so that every element combines to give you a concrete content strategy that works.

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