Why a website is an asset for your hotel!

Why a website is an asset for your hotel!

Did you know that your hotel website could be a storefront to sell direct bookings?

First, today 80% of guests decide online about where they want to stay. According to a Google study, a hotel’s website and pricing are the most important criteria for guests to make reservations. Customers form an opinion of hotels from their websites even before they visit it. Therefore, hotels cannot think of their websites as static brochures. They are dynamic marketing tools that need to be compatible across all devices. This is because the majority of the global internet population use their smartphones to access the internet. A strong online presence will not only help hotels in securing customers, but also build their brand.

Second, for a hotel, the website is not just a brochure, it is a booking channel — and the most profitable booking channel. Why? This is because booking fees are low and the pricing is much better than bookings negotiated offline.

Third, a good website with high visibility will drive bookings from other online channels as well. For example, it can increase bookings from online travel agencies (OTAs). With lucrative offers, guests may choose to book directly from the website. Direct bookings also increase if hotels have good ratings on websites such as Tripadvisor and Expedia.com. A hotel website does not operate in silo and also needs OTAs to increase its visibility.

Website is the key to a hotel’s success:

Investing in a website is a great way for hotels to sell their service. It helps hotels to interact with customers personally in various ways — a live-chat software, secret offers and promotions, etc. Your website should capture visitor’s attention, create awareness and motivate action!

We, at Simplotel, aim to equip hotels worldwide with technology that helps them drive more bookings, showcase their brand online and improve the experience of their guests. Our search engine optimised-websites are specially designed to drive more visitors to hotel brand websites and convert them into customers. We understand that there are 100 of techy things in designing a website, but we solve 110 of them!

So, are you ready to invest in your hotel’s website?

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