Case Studies

Hotels that have shifted to the Simplotel Platform have seen an extraordinary growth in the number of direct bookings that are being received through their website. With the help of Simplotel’s brand website, a seamless booking engine and an integrated channel manager, our clients have seen their number of bookings double and revenue multiply within a matter of months. The implementation of Simplotel’s solutions have resulted in clients having a greater online presence.


Our Native Village

A similar problem was faced by the eco-friendly accommodation provider Our Native Village. This one-of-a-kind resort on the outskirts of Bangalore is a hidden gem loved by its patrons. What the management required was a product which would enhance online visibility and guarantee higher number of online bookings. A partnership with Simplotel and implementation of our solutions resulted in direct bookings doubling as compared to the bookings received in the previous year.

Central Hotels

Within a few months of implementing the Simplotel Solution, the overall traffic on Central Hotel jumped by more than 400%. This can be attributed to the superior quality website and search engine optimisation techniques of Simplotel. Since coming on the Simplotel platform, Central Hotels has received over half a million visits on the website. This has also driven significant growth in phone calls and bookings for the hotel.

Stay Simple

The Simplotel Booking Engine and Simplotel Instant Payments have enabled Stay Simple to increase the number of direct bookings. The result was a 2x increase in direct bookings being received. The Simplotel Reservation Desk Solution with Simplotel Direct Connect, ensures that all reservations or walk-ins get consolidated on a single platform. The solution has helped the sales manager to send quotes, invoices and confirm bookings in a matter of seconds!

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