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Ensure Safety Of Your Customers & Staff With Our Contactless Hotel Solutions!
• Affordable Pricing
• Safe & Simple User Interface
• No Integration / App Required

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Contactless Check-in for Hotel Visitors

We are excited to introduce Contactless Check-in. Witness the ultimate check-in experience in 3 steps.

• Request the guest to scan the QR code while sitting at home, traveling, or even at the reception on arrival
• The guest will then fill in the digital check-in form on the website
• The guest proceeds to upload a photo of ID proof and submit to complete the process

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Contactless Food Ordering for Your Guests

Contactless Food Ordering enables your restaurant to offer an end-to-end contactless dining experience for your guests.

• Ask the customer to scan the QR-Code.
• He/She will then browse through the online food/drinks menu.
• Pay online and order the food.

Activate the Contactless Food Order in a few hours, with no out-of-pocket payments and no need to switch your existing POS mode. One time payment charges apply and no maintenance cost required.

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Let’s promote social distancing. Let’s promise safety.

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