Guests book hotels through 3 primary channels


Drive more visitors to your website & convert them into guests.

Simplotel Brand Website for hotels is responsive, search engine optimized and comes with a seamless Simplotel Booking Engine & Integrated Payment Gateway.

Convert more inbound leads into bookings.

Use Simplotel Reservation Desk solution & Simplotel Instant Payments to send quotes & payment links. Booking confirmations are completely automated.

Grow your OTA business by efficiently managing listings.

Simplotel Online Distribution offers a single interface to manage room rates and inventory across 60+ online channels including your hotel booking engine.

Simplotel is powering over 2,000 Hotels and Resorts

Latest Blog Posts

Website & Booking Engine Load Time: The Only Silver Bullet in Hotel E-Commerce!

Today, nearly 80% of hotel bookings occur online, either through the brand website or through online travel agencies (OTAs). Hotels need a cutting-edge, but user-friendly website design to convert visitors into customers. However, what’s the point if you can lead customers to your doorstep, but you can’t get them in. This is where load time assumes paramount importance. Your hotel’s site failing to appeal to the travelling desires of your patrons is the last thing you want for your [...]

Have you created your W-inbound strategy yet?

When it comes to marketing for hotels, the game has mostly been the same. Nail down your USPs, and create enticing marketing messages. But the rules of the game have changed drastically over the last few years. Till the end of the 20th century, the most important collateral to attract guests was a good signboard. People would look at it and be enticed to walk in. As more and more bookings are moving online, you need to create marketing that [...]

Grow your bookings instantly with Conversion Messaging!

Did you recently come across a website with brilliant content and beautiful images, but still weren’t convinced to make a transaction or even fill a form?  Those companies spend a lot of time on developing amazing websites and improving their products and services, but overlook one critical element in their website – conversion. In the hospitality industry, only 1-3% of the website visitors end up booking a stay. It’s easy to accept it as a norm and shrug it off. [...]

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